Small Molecules Manufacturing

The traditional active ingredient in drugs, chemically produced tiny molecules, remain the "engine of growth" in the pharmaceutical sector. The IMS research states that small molecules now account for 53% of the worldwide oncology market, while biologics have decreased to 47%.In addition to active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, drug intermediates, drug metabolites, analytical standards, reference standards, certified reference materials, chemical intermediates, chemical standards, and pharmaceutical impurities, SRP Laboratories provides custom synthesis services for a wide range of small molecules. From milligram to multi-kilogram scale, we are capable of synthesizing a broad range of fine chemicals and compounds for small molecule drug discovery.

A key component of small molecule medication research and screening is the custom synthesis of fine chemicals and tiny molecules.In our contemporary analytical laboratories, scientists often devise procedures to generate materials with greater than 98% HPLC purity. We can readily modify to satisfy your exacting standards for quality. We can fulfill your needs whether your project calls for milligram or kilogram volumes. We take on difficult synthesis assignments and are dedicated to being quick to respond.