SRP Laboratories is a chemical laboratory, produce CRO molecules,CDMO molecules, fine chemicals, KSM's of API molecules in small and large scales with over 35 years of experience focusing on value chemicals to provide quality needs.

WELCOME TO SRP Laboratories INC.

SRP Laboratories we are your dedicated partner for tailored and adaptable contract research services that cater to your unique research and development (R&D) needs. We understand that in the ever-evolving landscape of science and innovation, a one-size-fits-all approach simply won't suffice. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of customizable research solutions to help you navigate the complexities of R&D with ease and precision.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to develop breakthrough pharmaceutical solutions that address unmet medical needs, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the quality of life. We believe that every patient deserves access to safe and effective treatments, and our R&D team works tirelessly to make this vision a reality.

Our Experience

Established in 2016, we have a solid track record of over 35 years of delivering on time and exceeding the expectations of our valued customers.

Our Infrastructure

Our 16,000 sq ft facility with state-of-art infrastructure and equipment to augment productivity and reduce timelines.

Our Expertise

A team of 50+ scientists who have a track record of publishing 50 papers and patents, delivering 2 INDs and 2 marketed drugs.

Our Confidentiality

Complete IP protection and confidentiality is assured at Intonation.

Our Commitment

We are committed to work within your team as an auxiliary.

Our Reliability

Day after day we pride ourselves in generating high-quality and reproducible data.

Our Values

Absolute Integrity and trust

in the work we do, and in the way we conduct ourselves and business.

Unparalleled commitment

Unparalleled commitment and ambition to the Mission - Push ourselves and our colleagues to achieve impossible things together.

Obligation to dissent

valid doubts, concerns and objections are more valuable than automatic agreement.

A strong team

think independently but work collectively. Respect each others individuality and never let a team member fail.

Think bigger and aim higher

Champion the data

Focus on Delivering the best possible data quality

The Pillars of Our R&D

Scientific Excellence

We are driven by scientific rigor and the pursuit of knowledge. Our R&D team comprises experts in diverse fields, including chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and clinical research. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in pharmaceutical science.


Innovation is in our DNA. We actively seek novel approaches and technologies to tackle complex medical challenges. By collaborating with leading scientists and institutions worldwide, we stay at the forefront of medical breakthroughs.

Ethical Responsibility

We approach our work with the utmost ethical responsibility. Patient safety and regulatory compliance are paramount in all our endeavors. We conduct our research with transparency and integrity, ensuring that the best interests of patients are always our top priority.

Year 2021-2022

Trustworthy and Loyalty.
New technologies.
Positive Results.