F T E Services

Full-time-equivalent (FTE): a fixed monthly fee that helps save costs on projects with a greater scope Ph.D. scientists at SRP Loboratories oversee FTE assignments while working on the project full-time. For a set amount of time and at a defined rate per FTE, we offer the customer a project team that is solely focused on meeting their needs. These are typically more complicated or long-term projects. It is the most economical and dependable approach to advance drug development because the partnership involves delivering dependable and consistent laboratory services, prompt project initiation, and easy project modifications that don't require modifying a work order.

Steps of the Project Under FTE Services :

1.Please send us the details of your project at [email protected].
2.To achieve your research objectives, we will put together a committed research team.
3.Under your direction and control, the project begins.
4.When necessary, there will be meetings, reports, and timely project updates.
5.final report and delivery of the product

Our Code of Ethics Promises:

1.We'll take thorough precautions to protect and guarantee the privacy of every project.
2.After a predetermined amount of time, we won't take on any more projects of a similar nature for any other client.
3.Contracts that would interfere with or impact our clients' ongoing activities are not accepted.
4.Without the client's approval, we shall not sell any products that were the result of contractual research.